• 1U
  • 8ch.D1 or 8ch.720P or 8ch.1080P
  • 8ch.playback
  • 2SATA, POE Function, HDMI
  • Time bar, P2P, WEB2.0, 3G, QR code

(*) These are optional features. Please refer to the Buying Guide for the full list of optional features available for this product.

LCD Enter
Direction Power


Audio/Video Out HDMI Port
Ethernet Port Power Switch
VGA Port POE Ports
Power Input POE Power
The Terminals    

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DataSheet NR-2008-E - 405.44 KB Download
Standalone NVR NR-2008-E NVR Search Tool - 1.26 MB Download
User Manual um_NR-2008-E_english_official.pdf 9.2 MB Download
Easy Install Guide eig_NR-2008-E_t4_English_official 3.15 MB Download